Megalodon Shark Not Just A Great Movie Villian

The Megalodon Shark is not just a character in creature features*.  Megalodon Sharks lived between 15.9 and 2.6 million years ago. They could grow up to 59 feet. The Discovery Channel features Megalodon during Shark Week and has a cool interactive site in its Sharkopedia. For more details about Megalodon including eating habits, environment and what it liked to eat visit Megalodon in their Sharkopedia.

Megalodon burst onto the movie/tv screen in 2009 with Mega Shark Vs. the Giant Octopus. The most recent adventure is the 2015 outing Mega Shark Vs. Kolossus.

*See IMDB for more info on mega shark movies including Mega Shark vs. Kolosuss (2015).

10 Historic Women Scientists You Probably Don’t Know

 In 2011, science writer Sarah Zielinski shared biographies of 10 women scientists lost to history.

As a huge fan of dinosaurs, it was a pleasure to see her list included Mary Anning,  (1799 – 1847),  a prolific fossil hunter whose finds included Ichthyosaurus, the “fish-lizard.”

According to Zielinski, she also found long-necked plesiosaurs, “a pterodactyl and hundreds, possibly thousands, of other fossils that helped scientists to draw a picture of the marine world 200 million to 140 million years ago during the Jurassic. ”

Like many women scientists in history, she was self-taught. Her studies included anatomy, geology, paleontology and scientific illustration.

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