Altogether Interesting focuses on content and programming for the forever curious.

Altogether Interesting (AI) is a hub for websites, educational outlets, channels, museums, and more that offers fascinating content and programming for the lifelong learner.

AI provides overviews of the content and programming offered and clues you in on any costs associated with accessing it. I prefer free or very low cost options; so, that is what readers will find highlighted.

AI focuses on the topics that I find fascinating, including general science, paleontology, linguistics, archeology, astronomy, writing, reading, brain development, health and wellness, movies, history, and tech for fun and learning.

The site’s original content features articles, how-to guides, and annotated movies created by me (TrishDM) because I am also forever curious and enjoy sharing what I have learned.

***This blog is also an homage to that most excellent British program, “QI” aka Quite Interesting. It’s a curated collection of links to the science, history, culture and other assorted topics that I find altogether interesting.***

QI Website: http://qi.com/television/

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